Study programs

Bachelor studies Engineer studies
  1. information technology in business and administration (PL)
  2. investments and real estate (PL)
  3. accounting and finances (PL)
  4. tourism and hotel management (PL)
  5. tourism and hotel management (ENG)
  6. management of small and medium- sized enterprises (PL)
  7. management of small and medium- sized enterprises (ENG)
Civil engineering
  1. energy-efficient construction (PL)
  2. building and civil engineering structures (PL)
  1. applied linguistics (ENG)
  2. english philology (ENG)
Electrical engineering
  1. renewable energy sources (PL)
  2. automation systems and electronics (PL)
Political science
  1. european administration (PL)
  2. security and crisis management (PL)

Mechanical Engineering

  1. production engineering (PL)
  2. computer methods in the design of machines (PL)
  3. vehicles and working machines (PL)
Social work (PL) Transport (PL)
Cosmetology (PL)  
Medical Rescue (PL)  
Nursing (PL)  
Physiotherapy (PL)  
Masters Studies  
Social work (PL)