Rector of Stanisław Staszic University of Applied Sciences in Piła

prof. nadzw. dr hab. Donat Mierzejewski
Vice Rector for Development,
Science and International Relations
prof. zw. dr hab. inż. Henryk Tylicki
Vice Rector for Didactic and Student Affairs
prof. nadzw. dr Ryszard Bania
mgr Sylwester Sieradzki


Head Accountant
mgr Irena Baczyńska

Rectors Proxy for Quality Assurance
prof. nadzw. dr inż. Bolesław Ochodek

Faculty Deans

Dean of Faculty of Economics
doc. dr inż. Jan Polcyn

Dean of Faculty of Humanities
prof. nadzw. dr Zbigniew Popławski

Dean of Faculty of Health Care
prof. zw. dr hab. Feliks Jaroszyk, dr h.c.

Dean of Faculty of Polytechnics
doc. dr Andrzej Kraczkowski

University Spokesman

Aleksandra Fabiszak

Directors and managers of other units

Main Library Director
mgr Irena Łosoś

Head of the Centre for Networking and Computers
mgr inż. Jacek Demczar

Head of Foreign Languages Department
mgr Ryszard Mokrzycki

Head of Physical Education and Sport Department
mgr Andrzej Grzesik

Head of Rectors Department
mgr Joanna Kryza

Head of Teaching and Student Affairs Department
mgr inż. Iwona Krojec

Head of Human Resources and Social Affairs Department
mgr Michał Bania

Head of Student Training and Careers Department
mgr Emilia Lewicka-Kalka

Head of Science, International and Inter-Institutional Relations Department
mgr Łukasz Marczak

Head of Administration and Maintenance Department
inż. Jerzy Sadowski